Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Faves! 6.17.16

Happy Friday!! No major plans this weekend, just relaxing and I can't wait! 
Onto my top faves of the week though! 

ONE ||
This delicious "pink drink" that's taking over the Internet. It's a strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk. Delicious, light, refreshing anddddd tastes like a pink starburst! Can't complain. Go try one! I promise it doesn't taste like coconut, which was my biggest concern. No coconut taste at all! 

TWO ||
I just need to commend Chick-Fil-A. In light of the horrible horrible  Orlando attacks, they opened on a Sunday to help feed volunteers, which we know is totally against their policy. I grabbed some chick fil a for dinner on the go the other night, and how they operate is just so smooth. Everyone is so polite too, that I don't even mind waiting in line. They have someone standing outside to take your order, someone around the corner that takes your payment, then at the windo you pick up your food. It was just flawless. I'd much rather wait in a 15 car line there than Burger King where the employees are rude to me and it takes a billion years to get my food! 

Have we all gotten to experience the deliciousness that is the cotton candy grape? Tastes just like cotton candy (literally..i don't know how they do it but it's so good) and soooo much flavor. They are super juicy and the outside is nice and tough. I don't like soft grapes so these are perfect. They only come out for like 2 weeks a year and it's like once they are gone, they are gone. So go run and find some!! They are expensive, but worth it! 

I just really need this sweater/cardigan thing please. Someone? Anyone? Care to help a sista out and purchase it for me? It just looks so cozy. I have been eyeing it up for a good while..

Any of you mamas out there that may be looking for the perfect sippy cup? Well y'all, I kid you not, I have found it. It doesn't spill-for serious. It was upside down in my purse for lets just say a good amount of time (mom fail) and I feared the worst. But nope! All good here. 
It has a straw thats flexible and bendy and Harper loves drinking out of it. I don't know what it is, but its magical. 
And cheap. Did I mention that? So cheap. Like I may throw out all the other sippy cups and just use these forever. Bada-bing, bada-boom and we're done! 
Happy weekending, friends! :)

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  1. Is that drink actually on the menu at Sbux?! I haven Seen it! And I am SO excited my town is getting q Chick Fil A in a few months, all you southern bloggers have made me so curious!

  2. Stopping by from the link-up. Those cups are great. I just bought some for my son lol.

  3. So that drink is good? I keep seeing people order it and I am afraid to try it. But this might inspire me :) Have a good weekend! ~Hannah (

  4. Cotton candy grapes?? Excuse me, what? You're blowing my mind right now!
    I love Chik Fil A...and somehow only ever end up craving it on Sundays haha. So glad they opened on Sunday to help out. I saw that Southwest airlines was offering free flights to family members of victims in the shooting as well. Makes my heart happy to see people and businesses doing whatever they can to help!

  5. Ok, I've officially GOT to try the pink drink! Now that I know exactly what it is - thanks for that :) Cotton candy grapes?! Very intriguing!! Saving that sippy for when my son is old enough!! Happy Friday!

  6. Oh man I love Cotton Candy Grapes! Thanks for posting about them, I totally forgot about them. Will need to pick some up this weekend.

  7. omg the pink drink is ah-maz-ing! i love it too!

  8. Great minds think alike with the pink drink - definitely getting one this weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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