Tuesday, June 7, 2016

the "woothie"

Woothie. Weird name right? Not when I tell you about the magical deliciousness that makes up said "woothie."
Wine. Frozen fruit. Blended together. Insert "woothie." Wine+smoothie= woothie.
aka all I've been drinking recently. Because its healthy. 
Since its frozen fruit. Hitting all my fruit food groups, ya know. Just trying to be healthy.  Live a good life.

Its pretty simple to make too. Doesn't take much to indulge in this delicious slice of heaven. 
So, I like sweet wine. Like cheap, boxed wine even. Hit me with it. The sweeter the better. 
So because of that, I drink Arbor Mist. The mango strawberry moscato to be exact. 
(Don't judge me. The fruit cancels out the sugar in the wine, obvi).
You can of course use whatever wine your little heart desires, this is just how I like to enjoy my woothie. 
I also like to mix the frozen fruits to the flavors of my wine, so I included frozen mango and strawberry!  
With summer basically here (it is here now, right!?) you'll be enjoying this all summer long! 

The ingredients are simple:
Your favorite wine
Your favorite frozen fruit (preferably some to compliment the wine)
A blender
A fancy glass that makes you feel like you're on a tropical vacation

You want to make sure you add a good amount of wine. Nobody like a weak woothie.

Add your fruit (I honestly just guess at how much to add, but you want your drink to be nice and smooth)

Throw it all in the blender, sit back and let the machine do the work! 

And boom shaka-laka. Pour it into your glass and you have the most amazing, healthy alcoholic drink ever. 

Garnish it with some fruit, and you're good to go! 
If you don't have fruit, its totally fine. It does not take away from the enjoyment! 
Just drink two to make up for it ;) 

And now you're in a tropical paradise, sipping your delicious frozen drink.

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  1. Yummy!!! You want to bring a batch of that by my house??? :)

  2. This looks so good!!!! I'll have to try this sometime.

  3. Oh my word - this is such a fabulous idea!!!!! I need to try it asap.

  4. Do you like your Vitamix?? I'm thinking about getting one...


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