Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weekend Recap..again.

Seems as though  my Tuesdays end up being weekend recaps. You know the deal with Mondays.. never really into them.
So heres the next best thing!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Harper got sick with a mysterious fever (I know, homegirl gets sick a lot. I don't know what to tell ya) but was acting ok..so it was weird. Either way, we laid low all weekend and just hung out. She got spoiled and watched a lottttt of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. #momoftheyear.
 Because everyone needs donut leggings...
We woke up feeling fine! Then...
 We got a temp, but were still looking good!
Woke up the next morning at 73o AM in our crib (which was already weird..we're a 6-7am riser) then slept in mamas bed until 930. Big clue someone was sick. 
Look at this awesome pallet my husband made! We're going to put it out back! How cool!?
She thinks her medicine is "nummy" so likes to try to suck even more out of the syringe after she gets it haha.
 I LOVE porkroll sandwiches, so I made my own this weekend. It was so delicious! Wish I could squeeze that into my diet every week!
 Um, look at this amazing vanity I got for free on a yardsale site. I AM SO EXCITED to paint this! I'm going to do a light pink chalk paint, with a dark wax then distress it and put crystal knobs on it. Preparing for Harper's big girl room one day! Can be used as a desk and/or vanity and I am SO excited!
 Sick little chick watching TV in bed.
 Just trying on some of moms boots. Nothing to see here.
 She loves to sleep in mamas bed, so she brought her Minnies into my bed and said "covers, night night" haha. Fat chance little lady, keeping you in your crib as long as possible!

Have a great week! 
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