Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Harper Love does the shore!

Last week, we headed to the shore for a couple days! 
Since getting my DSLR, I have been trying to take better pictures in manual mode of my sweet girl. I am by no means a professional haha just a mom with a camera that wants some nice pictures of her baby! 
She had tons of fun playing on the beach. She is big on "messes" and things being clean, so every time a beach toy touched the sand we had to go wash it again. It became a big problem when she realized she also got sand on her hands and feet!
She also things shes a really big girl, and was enjoying drinking mamas water from her cup! 

 Snack time!

 The seagulls decided they wanted to come in and try to steal snacks! Harper was sure to keep her Fritos nice and close so they couldn't snag any ;)
 Sandy, beach baby butt! Be still, my heart!

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