Tuesday, July 19, 2016

hi! remember me?!

Oh hey. I used to blog on the regular. But I've been so MIA. 
I'm sorry! Getting back into the swing of things this week though! 
More posts to come! 

For now though, I'm gonna recap our last week and a half or so! 
Be prepared for a picture heavy post!
We went to the shore again and I took some darling pictures of Harper, so obvi will be sharing those..but in a later post!

 I love sunflowers! I bought some fresh ones for our kitchen the other day! :)

My hubby planned an adult league tournament, where all his hockey friends got together and played on the same team for a weekend! We had friends come from NC even to hang! 
The night before the tournament, we all got together at our house for a BBQ. 15 adults and 14 kids later, it was a big success! 

Anyone elses kid love pasta salad!? Harper thinks its so "yummy" and I let her eat some in bed the other day while watching some cartoons. Homegirl was in heaven! 

Having a pool day outside! 

Can we just talk about this for a minute!? The left is last summer, and the right is this summer. How did she get so big!? 

My beloved non-Yeti cups that work just as well. More on them later ;) 

Our newest obsession is brushing our teeth at the sink. She will stand there for a solid 20 minutes to brush. Oh well..lets mama get some time to get ready!

Ice cream stop at the shore! 
 We went to the farmers market this weekend! Harper got to try some fresh cinnamon raisin bread and was a happy girl.
 We rounded out the weekend with a cake pop from Starbucks and a little Tar-jay shopping!

Hope everyone has a great week! What are you talkin about today?!

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