Friday, July 1, 2016

recent makeup finds!

 I loooooove me some makeup. I have literally drawers full (any local gals want to come raid my makeup!? haha) and the sad thing is, is that I use almost all of it. I seem to rotate it through a lot so stuff gets used to its full potential. Here's a few of my most recent favorite finds!

So, I might be obsessed with Jaclyn Hill. I have been one of her original YouTube followers, and it has been so mailing to see her grow to be so much.  Every product she comes out with for collaborations, I have purchased. From the Morphe palette she helped with, to now this collab with Becca Cosmetics. I have the original Champagne Pop highlighter, but when I heard she was coming out with this new face palette, I had to have it. I saved my pennies and sold off some of my old clothes, and it was so well worth it. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am seriously hoping they make some of these colors into permanent pieces in Becca's collection, like they did with Champagne Pop. The Rose Spritz blush is TO. DIE. FOR. Think similar to NARS Orgasm blush, but more pigmented. 
(It looks like its sold out online now..NOO!!! But Sephora stores are also supposed to be selling it, so you may still have a chance to snag one there!)

 I can't believe I haven't mentioned this one yet on the blog. This is my top #1 favorite lip gloss of all time. In fact, I'm on my second or third tube of it..and I never repurchase lip glosses because I have so many. It is minty, but it doesn't tingle or hurt. It is a perfect nude pink, and I feel like its not super sticky like a lot of glosses. It has good lasting power, as far as glosses are concerned, also!

Its no secret that I love my IT Cosmetics. I seriously have not one simple complaint about anything they make. I have foundation, concealer, powder foundation, blush, bronzer, finishing powder, mascara, eyeliner..and now I think I've covered basically everything you could have from a makeup company haha. I stumbled across this while browsing Ulta recently, and decided to give it a try. I have dry skin, so I love anything that gives "radiance" or "illuminates" me. I didn't put this on like a traditional bronzer, but more like a finishing bronzer? If that makes sense. I used a big kabuki brush, and brushed it all over my face to give an overall general radiance glow. It worked perfectly and I got tons of compliments! Give it a try for the perfect summer glow!

I love the color "Sphynx" but I do plan on going back to pick up a few more. I really love the consistency of this lipstick. I tend to steer away from matte lipsticks, but I have found that although matte, this is super moisturizing. The next color I plan on snagging is "Pink Paws."

I picked this up on a whim (and maybe after also watching Jaclyn Hill's snapchat when she was searching for it) and I have been pretty pleased. It boasts 24 hour staying power, which I wouldn't know because I'm a face washing nazi so I wash my face twice a day pretty religiously. It did seem to last all day, but of course faded some. Like I said, I have dry skin, so anything that can help illumate is okay in my book! I think this is a great, cost effective foundation for those looking for that "dewey" look. Theres a lot of coverage, so it also has that going for it. Its worked great so far and I'm happy with it! 

Do you have any new favorite make up options!? Share them with me! :)

Happy weekending, friends! Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

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